Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Goal Accomplishment Tips

If you set goals regularly, you already elevate yourself into the top 3% of the population when it comes to increase accomplishment.

If you are not one to set goals, maybe it's because you have "been there, done that" and it didn't work out very well for you. Failing to succeed at goals setting led you to decide goal setting just wasn't worth the frustration.

Can you imagine a soccer game, or a football game without goals or goal lines?

Maybe it's time to consider goal setting again, this time with a few helpful tips to get you to successful goal achievement more often.

One of my favorite goal setting tips is to set some smaller sized goals that lead up to the achievement of the "big stuff" you desire.

As a Jack Canfield Coach we would refer to this as "chunking down" the goal into smaller steps.

In my Rich Dad Coaching we would teach this sequence: 1) Identify the big dream, 2) break that down into the large goals required to achieve the dream, 3) break the goals down into projects that would be needed to achieve each goal, and finally 4) break down the projects into activities that would get the projects done.

Think in terms of the amount of time, effort, and other resources needed. The greater the amount of resources needed, the higher up the scale it would go.

If the "thing" to accomplished takes longer than a week or two, it probably shouldn't be classified as an activity, and would be better identified as a project. As so forth...

And I like to add to chunking down the idea that when we have small successes we are creating success momentum that really helps us stay motivated to keep going.

A second tip that really helps me is identifying a nice reward, something I really want as a result of achieving the goal I have in mind, when the daily steps required are not very appealing.

For example; a year ago I had major back surgery which required a long, slow recovery process. The daily steps to getting to normal health again were not very exciting and sometimes not very pleasant.
So I decided to plan a 20 mile overnight backpacking trip as early in the recovery process as possible with the approval of my surgeon.

Everyday as I focused on the daily routines, which included as much walking as possible, I would remind myself I was getting ready for the Hackberry Canyon hike in March.

After completing the Hackberry Hike, I still needed to continue the rehab process. Fortunately I was invited to join a friend on a 5 day 45 mile backpacking trip through Buckskin Gulch and the Paria River Canyon in June.

Because this hike would be a challenge for even a person in great shape, knowing this trip was coming up motivated me to continue the daily requirements to heal properly.

Then I added to the schedule a rafting trip down the San Juan River which kept my motivation strong to continue to often boring process of physical rehabilitation.

Creating a very compelling reward for goal achievement is an excellent way to stay focused on the less than enjoyable parts of goal achievement.

Perhaps you might be willing to try goal setting again if you add to the process the recommendation to "chunk down" the big goals and have an excellent reward waiting for you when you big goal is accomplished.

Wouldn't it be excellent to join the ranks of the top 3% in human achievement? What do you have to lose by trying these two simple improvements to goal setting and goal accomplishment?

For me it meant experiencing 3 excellent adventures this last year because I did the daily physical rehab work needed to recover from back surgery!

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