Sunday, March 4, 2012

Searching For Artifacts

One of the most fascinating parts of exploring the desert southwest is the personal discovery of the ruins, petroglyphs, and pictographs of the ancient cultures that previously inhabited the area.

Scientists have been able to figure out in many cases the age of the archeological sites and the cultures that left them behind. Archeologists speculate regarding the meaning of the symbols and what may be the meaning of the drawings or etching in or on the rocks.

In most cases the meanings are still a big mystery. I sometimes wonder if the people who left these artifacts behind had any idea that people would be looking at them hundreds and thousands of years later wondering who left them behind and what it all means.

Then it gets me wondering if we ever consider what artifacts we could and should be leaving behind for the future generations. I know we’ve had time capsules placed in building cornerstones and other projects to leave information behind.

But what about our individual “artifacts” that we might leave behind for future generations? I’ve been very poor at recording my activities in a journal, but what a great artifact that can be. Or perhaps we can write our thoughts down in a format similar to a blog posting, or perhaps an autobiography.

But we could even go way beyond those simple ideas. What about building a business that can be passed on to another generation? What about creating and funding a charitable foundation? What about writing an inspiring story or invent a product that relieves human suffering in some way?

Your most important artifact may just be the difference you make in one individual. I’ve challenged myself this year to be more compassionate and supportive to the 12 and 13 year old Boy Scouts that I volunteer my time to serve. At such an impressionable age, they need all the help they can get. Who knows what kind of artifacts will be created as they grow and take their place in the world. I may never know, but I’m energized by the thought of giving it my best shot.

What are the artifacts that you’re working on? If nothing comes to mind, perhaps it’s time to start thinking of some!

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